Remote impulse readings with data transmission via nationwide LPWAN IoT network SIGFOX

  • Consumption reading of water, gas, etc.
  • Primary inputs:
    • CNT0, CNT1 – voltage-free* impulse reading input from meters
      • CNT0 input can separate impulses into 2 counters based on media flow direction using DIR input
    • DIR – voltage-free* input applied for media flow direction resolution
    • DI – voltage-free* digital input (no galvanic isolation), applied for eg. flood detection

*Alternatively, an open-collector output limited to max. 0.5 V at max. 0.5 mA in the closed state can be connected. There is no galvanic isolation of input.

  • Broadcasting to the nationwide network IoT networks:
    • SIGFOX
  • External ISM antenna via SMA connector
  • powered from the lithium battery, size “C” (type SAFT LS 26500 3.6V, 7.7Ah)
  • Linkable to repeater SENSECOM-WSH for hard-to-reach SIGFOX places (metal cabinets, shafts, basement, etc.)
  • outdoor design, IP67
  • Models:
    • IMT – 1x M12 grommet
    • IMT2 – 2x M12 grommet


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