SmartImp has been developing and manufacturing IoT communication technologies such as LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks) for many years, especially for the B2B market in the energy, mining, utilities, road and civil engineering sectors. SmartImp has several development sites across the Czech Republic.

Most of the devices supplied are capable of measuring, collecting and sending data over a wide area network for more than 10 years without battery replacement. The data is available in processed form on the Senseparam portal solution or directly on the customer’s servers. SENSECOM devices are are particularly suitable for long-term maintenance-free remote monitoring and in locations with difficult accessibility.

Most of the products are manufactured in the Czech Republic.


Aleš Juřík

Aleš is an executive and technical guru of IoT technology. Over 30 years, he has been designing and engineering solutions for HW and FW communication devices. His team has several experts who focus on specific areas of development and production. He is a professional consultant in the development of IoT technologies for telecommunication network operators and their partners.

Leszek Lipka

Leszek is an executive and Business Development Consultant for IoT Networks and for Management Consultancy. It is dedicated to customers in finding suitable IoT applications and business models for their deployment. It draws on a wide range of projects and consultations in the fields of telecommunications, utilities, the media and the financial sector. He leads the IoT Applications team to help customers identify and calculate IoT cases.