Data processing and visualization

Data from the device can be accessed:

  • on the SENSEPARAM manufacturer’s portal for SIGFOX and NB-IoT communication – data is already in processed form, with the possibility of notifications (Email/SMS) and data transfer (Callback)
  • in the cloud IoT network SIGFOX via the web interface (possibility to set up data sending via REST API or Callback), data is in native HEX format.


To simplify work with incoming data from SENSECOM devices, the portal solution SENSEPARAM is available. The data is transformed there from messages into the resulting user values and then displayed or sent to the user for further processing.

The SENSEPARAM portal enables:

  • View current and historical values in tables and graphs
  • Set up Email or SMS notifications for alarms
  • Forward values online to another database using Callback
  • Download the data to a CSV file
  • Remotely configure the devices
  • Manage Devices, Groups and Users (according to access rights)
  • Get decrypted messages of selected device types with built-in E2E encryption
The annual SENSEPARAM subscription fees 8-20 EUR/device/year for available devices, include the SIGFOX or NB-IoT telco fees. Single or multi-user subscription can be applied to individual devices.