Remote impulse readings with data transmission via nationwide LPWAN IoT network SIGFOX

  • Consumption reading of electricity, water, gas, etc.
  • Primary inputS0 input
    • impulse reading from power-meter (billing or secondary) or other meter having S0 impulse input
    • S0galvanically separated 4,5kV (independently powered optocoupler from built-in power supply)
    • Supports 2-level tariffs (differentiation by grounding to neutral wire)
  • Secondary voltage-free input
    • reading from a gas meter / water meter equipped with a voltage-free contact
  • Broadcasting to the SIGFOX nationwide network
  • DIN rail (width 3U), IP20
  • powered from the mains, backup 1h by supercap or extended to 24h*
  • Manipulation detection (accelerometer)
  • Linkable to repeater SENSECOM-WSH for hard-to-reach SIGFOX places (metal cabinets, shafts, basement, etc.)


Approved by the ČEZ Distribuce (power distributor) test laboratory for connection to billing power meters without the need for a costly additional separating element (galvanic isolator) and its power supply, which is required for the S0 output as standard in the connection conditions.

* optional model IMDB


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