Remote transmission device for vibrating wire (VW) sensor using a nationwide LPWAN IoT network NB-IoT. 

  • Input from gauge with vibrating wire (VW)
    • Single channel unit
    • String oscillation period and thermistor measurement
  • Applicable for VW-type gauges, e.g. measurement of levels, pressure, displacement, inclination, etc. from Geotec, Gloetzl, SISGEO, RST Instruments, Geosense, Soil Instruments, ITM Soil, Systel instrumentation, Innovative Geo-technical Instrumentation, Roctest etc.
  • Measured string frequency range 0.5-5kHz, reading accuracy +/- 0.01Hz
  • Memory (datalogger) for last 1600 measurements
  • Built-in sensors: atmospheric pressure, temperature, relative humidity, water penetration
  • > 5 years without battery replacement with 2 measurements per day
  • external hat-type antenna
  • IP65 (with silicone IP67)
  • Communication to the nationwide IoT network NB-IoT


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