Regular inspections of conveyor belt stations

Remote monitoring of maintenance works with SENSECOM-ID series


Supervision and regular inspections of the technology in the open cast mining area are among the daily important tasks of specialists there. There is a risk of not only possible fires, but also various cave-ins, belt deflection from conveyor belts, etc.

As was done in the past

The previous status was that after performing a drive station check, the checker contacted dispatch and made a report of the time, equipment status, and name of the worker who performed the check. This was a very time consuming and administratively complex process in terms of the number of drive stations and workers.

As it stands today

Each drive station has been equipped with an operationally robust communication device for reading RFID attendance cards that allows:

  • to keep a record of the employee who regularly confirms electronically his/her activities in the control process
  • automated detection of whether the control interval has been exceeded since the last notification
  • to have the recording device independent of both the mains power supply and the data cables.
  • have this device in a design that can withstand very dusty and outdoor conditions

The worker has a reader available in the vicinity of the controlled technology to which he attaches his input card. Information is send over the wireless network to the tracking center. Once the message is sent, the device goes back to sleep-mode, saving energy of a battery to last 5 or more years in operation without replacement.

The mining company Severočeské doly a.s. already uses over 100 SENSECOM-IDH1 sensors in one of the mining areas, which help to increase the safety of workers in hazardous areas and automate the tracking of periodic inspections of conveyors technology, or the eventually trigger of rescue operations when planned hours are exceeded.
Use of the equipment in other areas

SENSECOM-IDH and IC series devices are used in many other areas, e.g. for vigilance monitoring or monitoring the work of workers in isolated workplaces and remote locations.

The SENSECOM-IC has, in comparison to the IDH models, a BARC (barcode) reader. In this combination, the devices are used to read also maintenance work orders code together with the input cards of the maintenance crew at the entrance or exit of a specific workplace.

Remote monitoring of maintenance/inspection work or vigilance monitoring (RFID cards reading).

Remote monitoring of maintenance/inspection work or vigilance monitoring (RFID cards reading) with recognition of 2 purposes (eg. entry/exit).

Remote monitoring of maintenance/inspection work - workers IDs (RFID) and Work Instruction ID (BARC).

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