IoT transmission device for analog sensors via nationwide LPWAN IoT network SIGFOX

  • 1-3 analog inputs
    • 1 channel built-in, another 2 via plug-in modules ANCM or ANCT
    • 18bit A / D converters (16bit accuracy)
  • Connectable sensor types (independently configurable channels):
    • voltage unbalanced (0 to 10V)
    • voltage balanced (-5 to + 5V or -10 to + 10V)
    • potentiometric with excitation of reference voltage
    • strain gauges (only via SENSECOM-ANCT module)
  • Adjustable several-second delay / pre-trig of the measurement start and its signaling by the optocoupler
  • Input for manual start of measurement (voltage-free switched contact)
  • > 5 years without battery replacement with 2 measurements per day
  • semi-external rod (alternatively ext. hat) antenna
  • IP65 (with silicone IP67)
  • Communication to the nationwide IoT network SIGFOX


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