Readings – data transfer from electricity meters, water meters, gas meters,…

Measurements – transfer of data and analogue values from sensors and probes.

Protection – signalling of seal breaches, handling.

Shafts – signalling of emergency conditions.

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Typical IoT Applications in UTILITY:

  • Continuous consumption readings
    • continuous billing, crash indications, savings analysis
  • Emergency status indication
    • accident signaling such as flood, power outage, gas leakage, etc.
  • Electronic seal
    • signaling of breaking of sealing wire and sealing device
  • RFID and Barcode Reader
    • combination of readers for monitoring work in individual operations / company premises
  • Measurement of icing and meteo
    • icing monitoring (kg / m) in icing areas
  • Data transfer
    • data transfer via RS232 or RS485 interface using MODBUS, M-BUS protocols
  • Analog transmission
    • transmission of analog signals from industrial sensors