Remote energy reading made easy

Remote monitoring with SENSECOM-OMD and SENSECOM-OMN series


As the price of energy fluctuates, knowledge of the energy consumption pattern becomes increasingly important. The share of appliances in total consumption is difficult to determine without continuous consumption data. Without this information it is not possible to target where energy savings can be made in an efficient way.

How this was done in the past

Whenever the user wanted to focus on better energy use, he had to start manually monitoring the consumption status on the meter display regularly, write it down and evaluate it. To monitor major appliances in the home or business (e.g. connecting consumption meters in the form of e.g. intermediate sockets) and calculate whether it is worthwhile to make any behavioural changes or to replace, adjust or repair appliances. After the measures have been taken, measure again manually and check how it turned out.

What it looks like today

Most billing meters for households and smaller businesses have an optical data interface, which energy distributors have so far used internally during meter readings to avoid having to manually copy consumption statuses from the meter display. In a similar way, the SENSECOM-OMD or SENSECOM-OMN device is used today, which sends the read-out data from the meter directly through the network and the data is then available to users on a web interface (portal). Some users use the OMD model where a one-day reading is sufficient. In this mode, the battery lasts up to 10 years of operation. Users who need continuous quarter-hourly readings use the OMN model, which has a rechargeable battery via USB-C and recharges the device every few months in the same way as a mobile phone. The immense advantage of these devices is the sheer simplicity of installation, where you just hang the device on the meter using the built-in magnet. No professional help is needed, no need to wait for your energy distributor to install a smart meter sometime in the future. With a smart meter you are unlikely to have the data straight away, it will only be available the next day unless you install your own device of a similar type to the smart meter.


Due to its absolute simplicity of installation (hanging on the meter with a built-in magnet), the device for reading data from billing meters provides an immediate possibility to obtain continuous data on energy consumption. With high energy prices, they are an invaluable tool in the search for savings and better energy use. They are of even greater benefit where dual or multi-tariff schemes are used, where the distribution of consumption over the day also matters.

Use in different sectors

The SENSECOM-OM series is popularly used by landlords, especially where there is a frequent change of tenants and users, such as hotels, guest houses, sports and cultural centres. Knowing the current status of energy consumption by quarter-hour is an invaluable asset for them. They don’t have to manually read the meter at the beginning and end of the rental period, but can see it directly in the system.

Remote energy reading made easy (using SIGFOX network)

Remote energy reading made easy (using NB-IoT network)