Data availability

Data coming from the device can be obtained in two ways: SENSEPARAM portal Incoming messages to the SIGFOX cloud of from NB-IoT network are passed on to the SENSEPARAM database of the device manufacturer SENSECOM, where they are processed into normalized values and clearly displayed, supplemented by configuration and operational data, graphs and historized values. On the portal, it is possible to set the downstream transfer of selected data (already normalized data according to the device type):
  • Callback to the customer database
  • Notification to email or SMS of alarm and status messages (with full setting of their texting)
  • Downloading historized values to a CSV file
In the portal you can also use the following functionalities:
  • Service Desk for processing incoming alarms
  • Passporting of devices, create a link of devices to documentation, set localization, etc.
  • Administration of groups, devices and users for your organization
  • Set up notifications (email, SMS) and callbacks (to the database)
  • Decrypt encrypted communications
SIGFOX cloud (for data coming from SIGFOX IoT network)
  • Incoming messages to the SIGFOX cloud can be transferred to the customer database using the REST API or Callback, or viewed on the web interface or downloaded to a CSV file (in raw form).
  • The received messages (hexadecimal format) must be further processed, deparsed and normalized into the resulting values and states. For devices with a simple message format, the display of the resulting values can be modified directly in the SIGFOX portal.
  • The cloud allows you to manage users, groups and devices.