Unique features of LPWAN IoT communication devices SENSECOM:

  • Low energy operation = years without battery replacement (> 99% of time in sleep mode)
  • Compactness = communicators with integrated sensors or with built-in interface to external sensors
  • High range = high-quality antenna system of the device and nationwide IoT coverage of the SIGFOX or NB-IoT network
  • High security within IoT network = Built-in firewall for wireless communication (no-internet/no-IP) between device and the base stations, IPsec connection to Cloud or SENSEPARAM portal, Messages authentication, E2E encryption possible, HTTPS communication to SENSEPARAM portal or SIGFOX cloud on customer side
  • High transmission reliability = reception usually by several SIGFOX base stations simultaneously or via linked and maintained communication with the nearest NB-IOT base station.
  • Entirety = a broad portfolio of communicators focused on applications beyond the reach of wireless local area networks and wired connections
  • Low cost operation = low annual telecommunication fees using any IoT network (4-10EUR/device/year) and SENSEPARAM portal solution (8-20EUR/device/year including telco fees)