Electronic seal

Electronic seals are applied often in utility metering at supply point, usually in parallel with solid seals. Multi-seal equipment ensures each part of  supply point is sealed independently. 


IoT communication unit for:

  • Sensors:
    • Seal detector for seal wires 15-120cm, 0,2mm thin
    • Accelerometer (device manipulation detection)
    • Tamper (device cover opening detection)
  • Alerts the seal extension, shortening or cut of seal wire
  • Models:
    • SENSECOM-SE4 (4 seal circuits)
    • SENSECOM-SE8 (8 seal circuits)
  • Broadcasting to the SIGFOX nationwide network
  • Endurance > 5 years without battery replacement (1 messages per day)
  • IP20, DIN-rail 3U width
Sealing device