The SENSECOM-IM1 is used for secondary reading from electricity meters, water meters or gas meters to obtain information for

IoT consumption impulse reader
SENSECOM-IM1 IoT Impulse reading of consumption (electro/S0, water, gas, heat)
  • consumption savings analysis
  • regular proforma billing
  • emergency – sudden change in consumption may indicate an leakage (of water, gas,…).

Deploying the SENSECOM-IM1 is suitable for monthly and more frequent readings (from 15-minute to monthly intervals) or irregular readings, eg when the preset pulse volume is reached.

The reading from the meters is carried out via the standard interface “S0”. SENSECOM-IM1 can also distinguish VT / NT tariffs. The SENSECOM-IM1 can be connected at the same time with the indication of power outage and flood sensor, event. electronic seal function.