IoT Applications and Supplied SENSECOM Series – Transport and Agriculture:

  • Electronic seal – signaling failure of sealing wire and sealing device with coarse localization (about 1km)
  • Emergency status indication – crash signaling of objects such as flood, power outage, gas leakage, etc.
  • RFID reader – driver presence at selected locations in large areas or in the field
  • RFID and barcode reader – a combination of readers for monitoring work or the presence of drivers / workers at selected locations in large areas or in the field, including the associated work orders (delivery notes, etc.) with the BARC barcode
  • Measurement of icing and weather – identification of the extent of icing in ice zones, including basic weather parameters (temperature, humidity, intensity and wind direction)
  • Air Hygiene – Air Parameters in Transport Areas / Containers (Temperature, Humidity, CO2 Option)
  • Motion indication – Vehicle motion status monitoring (3-axis movement / shocks)
  • Motion detector – identification of the moment of transit and passage of persons
  • Water Levels – especially in deep wells and deep wells, tanks (without direct surface visibility)
  • Many other applications using sensors connected to the universal SENSECOM device interface

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